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5 Tenants of Freedom

Freedom for women preachers

One of the early markers of the Free Methodist church was holding a value of equality between women and men in authority, leadership, and ministry. The curse that came after the Fall (Genesis 3) had side effects that allowed women to be dominated by men and subversively start a patriarchal world but was restored by the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ revealed His intentions about gender authority through his relationships with women throughout the Gospels and we have the proclamation of Paul in Gal 3:28 that “we are all one in Christ.”

Freedom for the slaves

Free Methodist have always been on the side abolitionists and continue to fight slavery in all of it’s forms through it’s Set Free Movement.  We recognize that every person is created in the image of God and as Paul proclaims in Gal 3:28 that “we are all one in Christ.”

We recognize that slavery exists in multiple different forms in today society, including racial, sexual, and financial/economic. We work to give those who are enslaved the freedom that Christ offers them both in the spiritual and physical ways.

Freedom from the pew tax

One of the early problems with the church was there was no ability to have amplification of sound, so if you wanted to hear the message you needed to sit towards the front. This became a selling point for the church and early churches would allow you to “rent” pews towards the front, which meant, that those who were poor were often in the back, unable to hear the message.  Free Methodists want everyone to be treated with dignity in the church and with justice inside the church. We have a commitment towards removing  socioeconomic class distinctions inside the church.

Freedom from secret meetings

The Free Methodist believe in equal power of laity and Clergy in authority and decision-making positions inside of the church. This came from a freedom from secret meetings where decisions were made without the knowledge or input from the congregation. The power of church should exist with the clergy and laity working together with equal authority both using their spiritual gifts to enhance the local church.

Freedom of worship styles

Often in denominational churches there is a certain style worship that defines it. Free Methodist value letting their individual churches to figure out what worship style defines it, instead of allowing the denomination to define worship for each individual church. This means, that the individual churches in the Free Methodist develop their own sense of the who they are autonomous from their denominational identity. This also extends to service and discipleship as well.

The Articles of Religion – Free Methodist Book of Discipline