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A Quick History

Planting a church in Kansas City

In 2016, I was working as the assistant director of technology services at Fuller Seminary and the associate pastor at Rose City Church, a church that I helped plant in Pasadena, CA. My wife got a job offer to be an executive for Avant Ministries and we felt that it was a calling on her life and we would pack up and leave to Kansas City. I did not know if I would plant another church in Kansas City but as I told people back in Pasadena, I was open to whatever God would want me to do.

When we arrived in Kansas City we were met with a culture that was primarily still Christian (which was slightly different than California). There were a lot of churches already in Kansas City and I did not know if Kansas City really needed another church. My wife and I had started looking for churches in Kansas City and started attending some churches. It was through attending these churches that I felt a calling.

I found myself in a midst a church culture that was still primarily Evangelical and I was wondering if I was still Evangelical? I knew that I was called to be a pastor and lead a church but I was wondering, if Christians in Kansas City are ready for a different type of church?

  • Is there a church that could have a strong view on Scripture while also making room for doubts, for mysteries, and for questions?
  • Is there a church that will allow women to be seen as equals in the church in ministry, in leadership, and in authority?
  • Is there a church that can mix liturgical experiences with a more contemporary Christian expressions?
  • Is there a church that will engage the post-modern and developing post-Christian culture?
  • Is there a church that can both focus on the individual relationship with Christ while also loving on the communities that surround it?

I am not saying that Northtown Church will be all of these things. We are still a church plant trying to figure out who we are and who God has called us to be. We will seek the word of the Lord, follow Christ’s example for our lives and seek the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

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